Wow, really great article! I am currently thinking a lot about this topic as I am working rather 80 than 40 hours per week. I am doing an internship in a really huge corporate where I can see how people spend tons of time wasting (eg. checking in at work at 8AM and having breakfast and chatting until 9.30AM before actually getting to work) — Beside of my intersnhip I am building my own business so I really try to be highly productive and effective to make the most of my time (which of course doesn’T work 100% of the time) But it is simply so shocking for me to see how people really get paid for simply sitting in an office, not contributing anything at all — thanks for sharing your insights to this topic Aaron Webber! :)

Entrepreneur, Coach & Dreamer. I write about Personal Growth & Business. 🇦🇹 🇹🇷 Grab your Personal Growth Toolkit: I IG: sinem.guenel

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