The World’s Most Popular Management Method and how You can implement it

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Take a minute out of your day to look into the faces of the people you manage. And to realize that they are the most important resource.

Last week I wanted to read a book that I could finish quite fast and I decided on The One Minute Manager.

The One Minute Manager — The World’s Most Popular Management Method is an all-time #1 bestseller on managing your work and life — for a good reason!

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The whole book is quite short and tells the story of a young man who is looking for an effective management method and is eager to learn from a mentor, a successful manager. One day he meets the One Minute Manager and understands that he is what he was looking for. As the name lets suggest, a One Minute Manager is super efficient. So efficient that in the beginning, the young man didn’t even believe that this management method could work.

Key Takeaways from the Book 🔖

#1 Managing People

Effective managers manage themselves and the people they work with so that both the organization and the people profit from their presence. Managing effectively and efficiently means being aware of your resources, including the abilities and strengths of your coworkers. According to the book, managers who are interested in people are often labeled as democratic.

Being engaged with and interested in your coworkers is one crucial factor for success in management.

#2 Limiting Meetings

The One Minute Managers cuts down meetings to a minimum. In general, meetings often tend to take much longer than they actually should. People tend to lose structure and get lost in chaotic talkings which don’t lead to any outcome.

The weekly meetings of a One Minute Manager consist of listening to people reviewing and analyzing what they have accomplished in the previous week, what problems they had and what still needs to be accomplished. After that, plans and strategies for the upcoming weeks are developed — once a week, that’s it.

#3 Efficiency

A one minute manager is someone who gets good results without taking much time. This starts with setting goals for each co-worker. Each goal is recorded on no more than a single page, a goal and its performance standard should take no more than 250 words — efficiency is the key but so is clarity. People should clearly know what their manager is expecting and what results they have to offer.

A problem only exists if there is a difference between what is actually happening and what you desire to be happening — if you can’t tell what you’d like to be happening, you don’t have a problem, you are only complaining.

After one-minute goal settings, one-minute praisings lead to efficiency in an increased way.

During one minute praisings, people are praised immediately. You have to tell them exactly what they did right and how you feel about their accomplishment as well as how their contribution helps the whole organization. The goal is to encourage your coworkers to do more of the same. To finish you should shake hands or give a kind touch to make them feel supported.

One Minute Reprimands are the most efficient way to learn from mistakes. During those, you tell your coworker beforehand what you are going to talk about, tell exactly what they have done wrong and what you have expected and how you feel about it. To finish you again shake hands or kindly touch the person and let knot that you are completely honest and remind them how much you value them as a person and reaffirm that you feel completely well about them but not their specific performance in this situation. When the reprimand is over, it’s over

#4 Choosing the right People

According to the One Minute Manager, you have three choices as a manager:

  1. You hire winners — those are hard to find and might cost you money but will be worth it
  2. You hire potential winners — those people will make it to winners if you train them properly
  3. If you neither want to spend extensive time nor money on people, you just have one option left — prayer.

#5 Catch people doing right

According to the One Minute Manager, the most important thing in training somebody is catching them doing something right and highlighting their successes.

To succeed, people need to be in contact with people who care about them and are willing to find the best in them.

If you realize that you are managing people and not just their recent behavior, you will do well


To be honest I would highly recommend reading the One Minute Manager to everyone who is interested in business, management, and interpersonal relationships. It is a very quick reading and you get a lot of learnings at once.

I wonder whether there are really One Minute Managers out there and I would be so excited to one day meet one in person.

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