Super exciting topic!

I guess that there is still high potential and that the market of bloggers and influencers will further grow whereas quality might become increasingly important.

In fact as long as both parties benefit evenly there is no loser but as stated in your article there are so many people thinking they are the smartest and can hack the world by ‘’travelling for free’’

I would of course be interested in travelling the world and sharing beautiful experiences with people but I guess there hast to be value provided.

What I have already thought of but never researched is the following:

Are there collaborations where bloggers/influencers/marketers simply take over the social media accounts of hotels and residences to market them and make them grow whereas staying there for free? I think there might be fair solutions to that. Like allowing the people to stay as long as they can grow your traffic? I would be curious if anyone has experience with those topics.

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