Of course humanits is slaving for money — at some point we have to.

However, when it comes to education, huge amounts of money are already spend each and every year anyways, the biggest struggle is, that there is a huge lack of innovation and change.

I would like to advise you this TED talk about the topic: https://www.ted.com/talks/geoffrey_canada_our_failing_schools_enough_is_enough?referrer=playlist-tv_special_ted_talks_educatio

Geoffrey sums up in a great way how paradox the existing system is.

When it comes to my own project and earning money with it: I rather earn money by doing something that is meaningful and provides value than spending my time in another job and doing something meaningful in my free time. Rather than spending 10 hours per week on trying to make a change and making a living from it I choose to work 80 hours on making an impact AND money by providing value.

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