My Serious Relationship With Books

I read books. 📚

I read quite a lot of books. At least more than I did for the last couple of years.

At the end of 2017, I set myself the goal to read at least 52 books in 2018.

There have been several reasons for that:

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  • I wanted to gain knowledge outside of university lectures 🎓

While in school I read books but as soon as I started my business administration studies at university I almost totally stopped reading. The reason was that I felt like reading while studying the whole day and at the end of a studying day I did not feel like reading even more stuff. (In fact I lost quite a lot of time with this stupid attitude)

  • I wanted to gain knowledge in fields that really interested me and improve myself 💡

The sad truth is that after studying for three years I believe that I did not really learn a lot at university. I felt like studying, studying and passing exams but not really learning something to benefit in my further life — just to pass exams to get a stupid diploma. (Which I will probably never need as my goal is to never be employed and be self-employed with my own empire — you can read more about my journey here.)

  • I started an educational project 💥

By the end of 2017, I started my first own project, My Future Academy. My Future Academy is an online personal development platform consisting of microlearning and additionally, we offer presence workshops. (Learn more about my MFA here.) Well, when trying to educate others, I could not help but trying to educate myself as much as possible — so books became my best friends.

I got to know my boy last year. By that time he had already been an instructor on several online learning platforms — meaning he was heavily educating himself as well. For me, my boyfriend is also my best friend and business partner. Therefore, talking about educational topics, about business and all that we learn throughout our days is a crucial part of our relationship. Our vision is to create an online business that will finance our lives — A life to be lived to the fullest. We want to educate people and help them to reach their full potential, it is inevitable that we also develop ourselves as much as possible. Philip Hofmacher ❤️

  • I wanted to gain in- depth knowledge 💯

Of course, there are several other ways of educating yourself than reading books. And in fact, I use many of them. For example, I listen to book summaries, I watch educational Youtube videos, I educate myself through video courses and I read lots of blogs. Nevertheless, the goal to read books had an important reason for me — I wanted to gain extensive knowledge about some topics. In my opinion, a book can contain a lot more valuable content, simply because it contains more content at all. I wanted to become an expert in some fields and I thought that books should be my main source.

  • I wanted to improve my writing skills ✏️

By the time that I set my goal I didn’t think about blogging at all but still, I knew that writing is a skill that I have to improve for myself. I have always been one of those persons saying ‘’I can’t write, I have no talent for that’’. But at some time I got annoyed by all of those excuses. Sure there might be some super talented people in every field of life. BUT I also believe that I CAN IMPROVE in every field of life! Probably it is not smart to try to become good at everything, but writing is for sure something that I will have to do a lot. I experienced how reading more helped me to express myself much better. Additionally, you improve on your grammar and spelling skills subconsciously.

My selection of books 📚

I read non-fiction books.

There is a simple reason: I want to educate myself by reading. I am not very keen on reading fictional stories. This would simply not satisfy me. I waste zero time watching TV series and movies, so fictional books don’t fit me.

What I read are mostly business and personal development books. I like reading stories of successful people and businesses.

A couple of months ago I discovered a second- hand online store for books and since then my boyfriend and I ordered over 150 books, for an average price of 2$ per book. Simply the selection and unpacking process is something that highly motivates us, thus it is a great thing to do.

You can find a list of the books that I read on Pinterest. Or you read this article to the end and find out why I even write it. 😉

Why I write this story ✔️

There is a simple reason for why I write this article —

I am starting a Book Reflection Series on Medium 😍

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Earlier today when I had my morning coffee and was reading I came up with this idea. While reading I always highlight my key learnings. I don’t want to write simple book reviews as there are tons of those but I want to write reflections. My goal is to share my top key learnings of every book that I read. I want to share my reflections and thoughts of several topics that I read about.

I am super excited about this new project and sharing my learnings with you!

Once a week I will post one of those reflections, starting by next Monday. 💛

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