I can so much relate to that!! Last year, I didn’t drink much, maybe 10 beers and a few cocktails in total. And I didn’t intend to ban alcohol completely but I just didn’t drink if I wouldn’t completely enjoy it. Already saying “I don’t drink much.” often led to confusion!

It’s so annoying that we have to “defend” ourselves of something that is so meaningless. I don’t get why alcohol has such an important place in our society.

This year I want to drink even less, or nothing at all and I know that I’ll have to explain to people whom I don’t even know.

What I find especially annoying is when people ask me if it’s due to my religion. My family is from Turkey, so I am a Muslim, but I have literally nothing to do with my religion. I didn’t grow up learning anything about my religion and my parents enjoy drinking alcohol just like anything else.

In fact, everyone who doesn’t drink alcohol should be celebrated instead of being questioned!

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