How to Drive Automated Traffic to Your Website With Pinterest

Here’s how “Tailwind Create” can help you drive automated traffic to your blog or online shop.

How to drive automated traffic with Pinterest
How to drive automated traffic with Pinterest
Photo: Dominika Roseclay from PexelsDisclosure: I was compensated to create this post, though all opinions are my own.

With over 416 million monthly active users, Pinterest is one of the most popular yet underrated marketing channels for content creators and digital entrepreneurs.

Millions of people use Pinterest to find inspiration, infographics, or beautiful images. Yet, most entrepreneurs miss out on the unique opportunity to promote their products to Pinterest users.

What differentiates Pinterest from other social platforms like Instagram is that it’s actually a visual search engine. This means that your content can be found even weeks, months, or years after being published.

Apart from that, here are a few promising numbers that might convince you to tap into Pinterest marketing:

While Pinterest is often called a social network, it’s much more and can help you drive relevant traffic to your website.

How to Tell if Pinterest Marketing Is the Correct Choice for Your Business

Whenever you consider a new marketing channel, you need to ask yourself two questions. First: Is my target audience on the platform?

Here are a few numbers that might help you decide whether Pinterest marketing can help you increase relevant readers for your blog or the revenue of your online shop:

71% of Pinterest users are women.

35% are 35–49 years old and another 34% are aged between 18–29 years.

If you’re targeting women between 18 and 49 years, Pinterest could be a goldmine of potential customers for your business. That being said, be aware that these women often also make buying decisions for their partners, kids, or other family members. Just think of birthday presents or special occasions such as Christmas.

Almost 50% of Pinterest users are located in the US, followed by Europe.

If you want to reach buyers or readers in the US, Canada, or Europe, Pinterest can be an effective platform to market your products.

If you’re, however, selling a product that’s mainly sought after by men in Asia, your Pinterest marketing efforts might be for nothing.

Given that your target audience overlaps with the typical Pinterest user, there’s one more question you need to answer before starting your marketing efforts: Do I have enough resources to manage one more platform?

Even if a platform might increase traffic or sales, you first need to evaluate whether you can produce enough content to build a profile that attracts users.

And while each platform comes with pros and contras, the big pro of Pinterest marketing is that you can automate it through a scheduling tool called Tailwind.

The simplicity of creating fresh content and automating the posting schedule is why I decided to include Pinterest in our marketing mix and use it to drive traffic to our website

By automating our Pin schedule, we grew our account to +500k monthly impressions in less than five months:

Image for post
Image for post
Screenshot by Author

If you never used Pinterest before, you should watch at least one video to get a basic insight into the platform. Before setting up your profile, make sure you understand what Pins and Boards are and how to utilize Pinterest for your marketing efforts.

Set up a business profile

After getting a basic understanding of the platform, you need to set up your profile and turn it into a business account. You can do that for free, but it’s crucial to get your website verified and trusted by Pinterest.

Activate Rich Pins

The next step is to enable Rich Pins. These provide more context about your Pin as additional information is added through the website link. You only need to activate Rich Pins once for all your content on Pinterest.

Make your website “pinnable”

If you want your existing community to share your content across Pinterest, you can do so by adding the “Save” button to your website. By doing so, you show that your content is pinnable and more shares might lead to additional exposure for your content.

Pin Creation with Tailwind Create

Once you’ve set up your Pinterest business profile, activated rich pins, and made your website pinnable, the next step is creating content.

On Pinterest, you share so-called Pins. These are vertical images representing a preview of your content or a sneak peek of your product.

What’s unique about Pinterest is that you can create several Pins for one piece of content. You can, for instance, create five different Pins targeting different audiences for one blog post. By adjusting colors, fonts, images, and keywords you can experiment and attract different users.

While this is a fantastic opportunity to use your content in numerous ways and spread it across the platform, it’s also a challenge because Pin creation is a time-consuming task.

Now, this is where the magic happens because Tailwind recently launched a brand-new tool called Tailwind Create that allows you to create your Pins inside the scheduling tool.

In the past, you had to design your Pins with external tools, export them, and upload them to Tailwind. While this has been a tedious process, it was the only option to automate Pin postings.

With Tailwind Create, you basically skip two of these steps. Instead of downloading and uploading your Pins, you can focus on improving the design and copy or spend your additional time with other tasks such as creating even more content or optimizing your shop conversion.

Additionally, you can skip the frustrating part of creating designs and use one of the preexisting templates.

You can even set brand preferences and decide which colors, fonts, and logos you want to use predominantly so that the design process takes even less time:

Image for post
Image for post
Brand Preferences on Tailwind Create — Screenshot by Author

This is a time-saver and a vast relief for non-designers who want to make the most out of their Pinterest marketing efforts.

As Tailwind is an official Pinterest partner, all Pin templates inside Tailwind Create were designed with Pinterest’s best practices in mind. This saves entrepreneurs and marketers hundreds of hours, which they previously had to spend on creating unique, beautiful designs.

Now, all you need to do is choose templates and modify your brand colors.

You can generate and personalize dozens of Pins then fine-tune a few within a few minutes and spread your content across Pinterest with more ease than ever before.

All you need to do is copy the destination link, write a Pin title, and choose or upload some beautiful images — once that’s done, you’ll get automated design suggestions:

Image for post
Image for post
Getting Started with Tailwind Create — Screenshot by Author

What I love most about Tailwind Create is that I don’t need to look for images anymore. Before creating our Pins with Tailwind Create, we had to look for beautiful photos, download them, and then upload them to our design software. Now, we can use beautiful images with one click.

After choosing a color palette (or adjusting your brand colors), inserting the link and Pin title, and selecting images, Tailwind Create shows you endless possibilities for your Pins:

Image for post
Image for post
Screencast by Author

Automating Pin Designs with Tailwind Create — Screencast by Author

All you need to do now is choose your favorites and eventually make small adjustments.

Pinterest’s best practices prove that the most successful creators publish fresh content frequently and address various target groups by adjusting colors, fonts, and the copy on their Pins.

With typical design tools, this usually takes several minutes per Pin as you need to make all adjustments manually. With Tailwind Create, I can choose my favorite designs and spend a few seconds per Pin if I want to make changes. This allows me to save time and focus on more critical tasks for my business, such as creating blog posts, taking care of our community, or coaching my students.

If you want to convince yourself of the ease of creating Pins with Tailwind Create, you can try it with a 50% discount until January 31, 2021. And if you never used Tailwind before, you can schedule your first 100 Pins for free.

Scheduling Your Pins

The #1 rule to growing your views and website traffic through Pinterest is consistency.

Experts recommend pinning a minimum of 15 Pins each day. For most business owners and marketers, it’s impossible to do that manually.

Instead, you can schedule your Pins to go live throughout the day with Tailwind’s Publisher. This allows you to produce your content in batches so that you can create all your Pins for an entire month in one day, schedule them, and watch your traffic grow.

A proper scheduling tool is inevitable for your success and with Tailwind Create, you can now combine the task of creating Pins and scheduling them within the same tool.

Bottom Line

Social media marketing can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. It’s so easy to lose precious time on the wrong platforms and end up wasting your efforts.

Like on every marketing channel, you’ll need to invest some time and effort into setting up your profile and creating a Pinterest strategy.

But once that’s done, you can accelerate the Pin creation process with Tailwind Create and automate your posting schedule with Tailwind’s Publisher. This will allow you to tap into the massive audience of Pinterest without losing hundreds of hours.

If your target audience overlaps with the typical Pinterest user’s demographics, the search engine can be a goldmine of potential customers. And Tailwind Create can make your life easier than ever before by suggesting the perfect Pin designs for your brand and audience.

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