Hi Moreno Zugaro ⭐️! :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts! You are absolutely right with your concerns, here are my personal thoughts (+ what I’ve read and learned about TikTok so far)

  • Yes, the average user is still young, but take Facebook or Instagram: Their beginnings were exactly the same. I mean, Facebook was even created for students, right? It’s (always) the younger, digital-native demographic that is experimental and is first on such platforms. However, the older generations usually follow after a certain time, at least that’s what happened with Instagram etc.
  • I believe right now, TikTok is extremely suitable to build a (personal) brand on Personal development. Yes, you just have a few seconds, but isn’t it the same on Instagram or Facebook? I mean, even if you write long texts or upload long stories, most Instagram users will skip through and just spend a few seconds on the content.
  • You are right: traffic is a great point, but I believe that’s not unimportant? It definitely depends on your target & your business overall, but imagine reaching hundreds of thousands of people with your videos — if just a very small percentage is truly interested in your work, signs up for your newsletter, buys your products and becomes a raving fan, you already won, don’t you? What’s your opinion on that?

I’ve written two more articles about TikTok, you might find them useful:

All the best! :)

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