Hi Michael Metcalf! :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

You are right, it’s not possible for everyone to succeed in anything.

However, there’s one factor you need to include to the mathematics: Medium is growing. More and more readers are signing up.

And yes, some great writers won’t be seen. Because succeeding on Medium is not only about writing well. It’s about playing to the rules. Just like in the whole publishing world: It’s called bestselling author not best writing author.

I didn’t have any success on Medium three months ago. No reads and around 20$ per month. So, obviously what I (and others) say, is not wrong.

There IS indeed a huge opportunity. There are even people skyrocketing on Instagram who started one year ago and Instagram is overly saturated.

If you play to the rules and the standards of the platform, you can succeed. It’s not that hard or difficult, but people like to act as if it was.

People like saying “I was late but I could’ve succeeded if I was one of the first people to see this opportunity.” People like excuses, not action.

Yes, there’s always a chance you won’t succeed. However, if you don’t succeed, it’s not a platforms or algorithms fault. It’s because you either didn’t understand something or you didn’t put in the work.

I published 200 posts before I “succeeded”. I spent hundreds of hours analyzing what others are doing. And I am not a native English speaker, it’s my third language.

If you accept there’s a chance for you not to make it work, it won’t work. That’s the law of attraction and no matter if you believe in it or not, it works.

If you, however, dedicate yourself to finding ways to make it work, it will work.

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