Hi Meridee Thompson! Thank you so much for openly sharing your thoughts. I totally get your point, however, I feel you misunderstood mine.

The whole post is not about being self-centered. It’s actually the contrary. Only if we are confident in ourselves we can also share love and do the hard part of making relationships work.

As you said: efforts are necessary in any relationship and I am convinced we can put more effort into our relationships if we are confident in ourselves.

It’s not about being self-sufficient and not needing a relationship but rather about having a rich, productive relationship instead of tearing each other down. I don’t believe anyone can be happy in a relationship if he or she can’t be happy by herself and that’s the whole point of the story, the rest is just your interpretation.

And honestly, I don’t believe ‘young people’ are ‘worse’ at relationships. Yes, older people might be in longer relationships but this doesn’t mean they are in happy, fulfilling relationships.

There are relationships that can be healed and some that are just broken, and in both cases, having faith in yourself is surely an advantage.

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