Hi Joe Donan! :) Congrats on your great article!

Admittedly, I believe one of my biggest advantages is that I’ve started writing on Medium back in 2018. When I started writing more (every day instead of every now and then) last December, I had the advantage of already being a writer for many big publications.

Yet, currently I also face a phase where my pieces take very long to get accepted (or rejected) in big publications, I don’t know what that’s the case.

I guess there are only a few tips you could follow:

  • Contacting the editors of bigger publications and pitching them directly via email, Linkedin,…
  • Create your own publication. I actually have a friend who did this and who is pretty successful doing so
  • Or joining smaller publications first and keep pitching for the bigger ones the more your readership grows
  • What you can also do is pitching the Medium publications (like Forge, Human Parts). I don’t have any experience with that yet but I guess that if your piece is great, you have good chances.

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