Hi Claire Handscombe! Thank you so much for your openness and honesty, I appreciate that so much!

Admittedly, I don’t know where exactly I read these comments and I have no clue about who precisely wrote them. As mentioned, I just scroll through all the groups every day and I just saw it without paying too much attention to the specific people. However, I see these types of posts over and over again and each time I think the same: Medium is just an opportunity, it’s up to you what you make out of it.

I can totally understand how frustrating it is not to get the desired attention or appreciation for your work. I don’t know what ‘’working hard’’ means for you, but I can tell you what it meant to me: I published more than 200 pieces here on Medium besides a full-time job and my studies without any major “success”. Some of them had no views, some didn’t have claps and overall, it was, of course, frustrating.

Again, I sincerely appreciate your honesty, yet, I don’t believe there’s any reason to apologize. We’re all in this together. Especially right now is a hard time for all of us, it just sucks, we’re all in uncertainty.

However, if I can support you, let me know! I love seeing people win. And even though Medium is certainly not a way to “get rich quick”, I believe it’s fair and provides a huge opportunity to anyone who plays to the rules and works hard.

If you want, feel free to join my mastermind group on Facebook. There, I do live Q&A’s.

As I said: If you need any support and believe I can help: Just reach out!

All the best and lots of love from Austria

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Entrepreneur, Coach & Dreamer. I write about Personal Growth & Business. 🇦🇹 🇹🇷 Grab your Personal Growth Toolkit: http://bit.ly/pgtk0320 I IG: sinem.guenel

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