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An in-depth look at mastering your sleep.

How To Sleep Well And Wake Up Full Of Energy
How To Sleep Well And Wake Up Full Of Energy
Photo by Alena Ganzhela on Unsplash

One of those days again: Your alarm goes off, you open your eyes, and all you want is snuggling back into your sheets and sleep a few more minutes.

But duty calls, so you get up, wash your face, and grab your first cup of coffee to compensate for the lack of recovery from the night. What follows are hours of operating in automatic mode just to get through the morning before you actually feel awake.

While we all know how this daunting scenario feels, a lack of sleep doesn’t only come with short-term sacrifices. …

To make the most of your time, lose track of it.

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Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash

Another day, week, month, or even year is over and you still didn’t achieve your goals. You feel as if you’re hustling all the time, yet, it seems impossible to get everything done.

But you don’t seem to have a choice, so you start from scratch every single day.

We all know how bad it feels to be in that constant doom loop of working hard yet achieving less. And the good news is that there is a way to break that circle.

The secret is called flow.

Did you ever lose yourself in an activity to a point where you lost track of time? …

What would you teach your younger self?

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Photo by Elle Hughes from Pexels

As a teenager, I’ve been an avid reader, influenced by my mom, who never skipped her daily reading routine.

Yet when I started my studies in business administration, I lost my passion for reading because of the massive amount I had to read and study for my exams.

But when I first tapped into personal development at the age of 19, I rediscovered my former love for books.

During the past years, I read more than 50 books per year, soaked up every piece of information I found and realized that I was after one specific question: Which simple changes can help me make my life happier, better, and more fulfilled?

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