3 Skills That Helped Me Build a 6-Figure Online Business in Less Than a Year

And how you, too, can use their power.

Sinem Günel


Photo: Brooke Cagle/Unsplash

For me, the pandemic was a blessing. At least business-wise.

The Coronavirus forced my partner and me to rethink our entrepreneurial path. And as we had plenty of time to do so during the lockdown, we ended up with an entirely new business.

Last year, we were hosting personal development workshops and courses for young professionals in our city.

Today, we’re running a fully digital business that already made 6-figures in revenue this year.

Even though we’ve already been into online business and digital marketing, we started from scratch at the end of March.

We built two new websites: One dedicated to personal growth and one for writers. We also started two email lists from zero because the entire community we built prior was a German one.

Due to the local restrictions, we had plenty of time and we spent almost every free minute working on our dreams.

But it eventually paid off and we managed to build a solid foundation in less than a year.

And looking back, this massive growth was mainly possible because of three critical skills.

#1 (Copy) Writing

Writing is a critical skill, no matter what kind of online business you want to build.

Even if you’re not a writer, you’ll likely need texts for your website, your sales pages, email newsletters, product descriptions, ads, and so much more.

While content writing is meant to educate, engage, and build brand awareness, the goal of copywriting is to convert.

A great copywriter can turn a reader into a subscriber and a subscriber into a customer.

In our business, content writing, as well as copywriting, are incredibly important.

I make five figures per month by writing on Medium and creating content for a few clients.

But we also reach our readers and subscribers through my written articles.